• Neil understands the unique needs and challenges that face pastors because he himself is a pastor. His compassionate and matter of fact approach provides a safe place for ministry leaders to unpack the profound burdens that weigh them down and affect family, marriage and professional life. I highly recommend Neil.

    Holland Davis
    Senior Pastor, Calvary Chapel San Clemente

    I would like to recommend Neil Anderson as a pastor's pastor. I have had the pleasure to work for him and I can attest to the fact that he exudes Christ's love.... [I] miss his tutelage and wisdom. I believe any pastor would find comfort, renewal, and help from him. I cannot recommend him enough.

    Dan Robb
    Student Pastor, Hill Country Bible Church, Georgetown, TX
    Author, Game Plan: The Philippians 4:8 Guide to Better Thinking

    Neil is a good teacher, an excellent leader and administrates well.... Neil has a heart for promoting health for ministers and has facilitated pastoral retreats for our team. We have been to Haiti together helping the people to clean up and rebuild after the earthquake. While there, we meet with pastors from near and far to encourage and equip them in their overwhelming task of spiritual service in the midst of their national crisis. Neil is an outstanding team member wherever he is, and does whatever needs to be done. Besides all this, Neil has an abiding faith, Christlike character, is a devoted husband and father and a good friend. I miss working with Neil.... I give him my highest recommendation.

    Ron Sukut
    Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Church, San Clemente, CA

    [Neil and I] belonged to a pastors' association that met on a regular basis... to exchange ideas and ways to improve our ministries. Neil has always had a heart for us and our spiritual and emotional health, knowing full well that [pastors] often help until it hurts and... neglect getting help for [themselves].

    Jens Christy
    Associate Pastor of Recovery, CATC III, Capo Beach Church

    I first met Neil when he was the head pastor at Coast Bible Church. I was immediately impressed with his deep love and passion for helping people in need. Neil's character is top notch and I love his patience. When faced with a difficult situation, Neil is unwavering in his patience and ability to make a prayerful, intentional and calculated response. He is an encourager, a mentor, a friend and undisputed Christ follower. You'd be blessed to work with or know him.

    Marcelo Mills
    Vice President, Senior Relationship Manager at Community Bank
    Member, The Barnabas Group | Leadership Team, Christian Business Men's Connection

    My family was privileged to be in Neil Anderson's congregation for the entire time he pastored Coast Bible Church.... Pastor Anderson is exceptionally strong in the Christian faith, Biblical knowledge and teaching.... He consistently conveyed strong Biblical messages and graciously counseled members with Bible based knowledge, kindness and advice. Today, he is unquestionably a highly accomplished and sought after Christian leader, teacher, communicator and counselor.

    John S. Mitchell